Thank you, Alex, for the incredibly thorough and insightful job you did starting my Dutch Warmblood colt, Eddie.  The time you spent on the ground helping him to learn to think was time well spent.  When he gets worried about things he looks to me for support and doesn't feel the need to leave the scene.  We are building on that with every ride and it is really paying off in the jumping.  While he was with you it was so reassuring to get all the updates on both training and his health and you have an awesome team helping keep horses healthy and sound.  Give my thanks to Heidi Chretien for all the body work and Chuteside vet for the health support to help you work through the after effects of his traumatic head injury as a foal, and I appreciate you approaching Eddie’s start under saddle from all directions to ensure this talented gelding’s success. My 2 yr  old TB colt, Sharps, may be making the trek from MN to MT soon to be your next project from FitzFarm.  Thanks again for treating my horse as if he were your own. -- Suzy FitzSimmons.  Eagle Lake, MN
Alex is a trainer for every level of rider. I wish she would have been teaching when I was learning to ride as a young child. She has helped me with every horse to improve my relationships and become a more aware rider and horse owner. I am a competitive barrel racer and when my horses plateaued in competition and training, I knew I needed another approach. Alex has fulfilled that need and more. She somehow manages to cultivate clinic participants that are encouraging and engaged in being better. It is so rare to find a clinician who does not bring a competitive feel to a clinic, but instead makes me want to become a better horsewoman. I would encourage anyone that wants to begin a more rewarding path with his/her horse to at least audit a clinic and see how she engages her students with such positivity that we can't wait to see her again. I leave every lesson feeling encouraged and lifted to try and do more. Put simply, for those with a compassionate and caring personality, she is the answer that others have failed to give you. --Nicole Stokes. Billings, MT

We call Three Rivers Horse Training our couple’s retreat not only for our horses, but for us as well!  Our gelding and mare fed off of each other in negative ways. They were difficult to catch and trailer among other things. Through Alex, they have now become easy keepers! Alex's superior talent with horses and their human companions has been the very thing we needed to develop our horse’s relationship with us as well as with each other. Alex's ability to communicate her training methods in detail as she works with our horses has provided the tools we need to continue training at home. Both the novice and experienced can greatly benefit from with Alex!  Thank you Alex for all you do! We love going to the barn as a couple. Every experience brings a tremendous benefit not only to our horses, but to us as well. We leave feeling relaxed and ready for new challenges!  We consider Alex our trainer for life! --Paul Robinson & Teri Davis.  Belgrade, MT

After dealing with a horrible accident that caused me to find a new equine partner, I met Alex.  Alex's style of horsemanship transformed my new scatter brained horse into a mentally sound, smooth riding horse. When it came time for me to start taking riding lessons on Taxi I unfortunately found out just how much my previous accident had shaken my confidence in my abilities as a good rider. Alex has taught me the tools I need to recapture my horse's mind when he gets distracted by everything going on around him. I no longer get panicked when something catches his attention and I am able to easily draw him back to me. Every lesson I take with Alex teaches me something new and helps me advance in my own horsemanship.  Alex always seems to know exactly what I need and where I need to be at that moment, to help my horse. I never feel like she is pushing me too hard or asking me to do stuff that is beyond my abilities. She always explains everything she is doing and does not hesitate to show me how to do something if I am struggling to get the desired response from my horse. I look forward to a long relationship with Alex and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone searching for an excellent horsemanship trainer and teacher. --Vicki Rosetti. Belgrade MT
I was searching for a trainer—somebody who could start my filly who I bred and raised. It was important to me from the beginning to find someone who would "start her right". I stumbled onto Three Rivers Horse Training website, it seemed like a good fit for my filly and me. I later discovered it was the perfect fit.  Alex started Deja for me in 2011, I then moved her to a barn near my home. I struggled with my confidence in working with a green horse, and Deja struggled to understand what I was asking. That following spring in 2012 I decided we needed to return to Three Rivers Horse Training; we needed help! More specifically I needed help. Once we returned, we began taking weekly lessons repairing a damaged relationship. I learned how to convey my directions to her through my energy and my presentation; this provided much needed clarity to Deja.  She began to respond, and to soften. My understanding of true horsemanship has increased, and so has my ability to work with my horse. Best of all I have made a lifelong friend; a friend who deeply cares about my horse, and our resulting partnership. --Mandy Learn. Manhattan, MT
….I came across Alex through a friend. When Alex talked about working with the horses' mind and thoughts, I knew I had met the right trainer for myself and therefore my horses. She has an amazing ability to teach the human what the horse needs. She was the first person to show me the importance of getting to the horse's mind. A concept that seems so obvious to me now. How can you have a strong, equal, relationship with your horse if you do not consider what is going on with them as a whole; mind, body, and spirit? Alex has become this amazing bridge of communication between my horses and I as I continue down the road searching for more knowledge and better understanding of my horses. Thank you Alex for all that you do for the horse. --Paige Morris. Virginia City, MT