I do my best to structure a rates system that is easily customized to fit individual needs, however I understand with horses and life not everything is predictable. Please expect an invoice and frequent communication regarding rates and services.  Please also anticipate a yearly rate change as of January 1.  If you have an idea for a service not listed below, please contact me.  I am always excited for new ways to connect with my amazing clients and their equine family!




Private Sessions

Alex is available to travel to your local facility in Northwest Montana (and Cave Creek, AZ during some winter months).  

New client evaluations (1-2 hours): $100 flat rate.  Includes a detailed follow up e-mail or a 20 minute phone call to discuss future plans

Existing client session: $60 per hour.  Mileage fees may apply depending on location ($2/mile one way).  

Alex also has a few arenas and locations that she is able to meet you at for sessions in both Montana and Arizona if you do not have suitable facilities for horsemanship sessions. 

Distance Learning

Phone or Skype consult: $20/ 30 minutes

Video Lesson: Send a 15-20 minute youtube continuous clip or montage of you working with your horse.  Receive a detailed minute by minute write up with comments, ideas, questions and related links in the form of a specific video timeline break down.  $40

Live Distance Lesson: If you have the technology to have someone video you live via FaceTime or Skype while you wear an earpiece for me to talk directly to you as you work, Alex is able to do live lessons utilizing technology.  $40 per hour

*Distance learning can be paid for via PayPal or Chase QuickPay if electronic payment is preferred.

Finding your perfect match

Alex is available to help you find your perfect equine match.  Private session fees apply if you just want Alex to come and evaluate a horse you might purchase, however she also offers more comprehensive match making services as she finds that finding the right match is often the hardest part of horse ownership and ultimately leads to the most success in the relationship.

Match making services: Alex consult with you regarding what you are looking for in a horse and will find 3 horses within reasonable driving distance that represent the sort horse you are looking for.  She will then accompany you to each meet and greet and coach you through the evaluation process and offer a comprehensive understanding of what the positives and negatives are of each horse.  If a horse (or two) meets your criteria after meeting, she will also schedule and accompany you to a vet check (at buyer's cost) to ensure that you make the most informed decision possible.  

$500 flat fee.  Additional costs may apply if you add services to the above listed.



Horsemanship Intensives

Alex teaches her version of a horsemanship clinic all over North America (and beyond!).  Alex's horsemanship intensives are always individual sessions only, meaning only one rider in the arena at any given time to make sure you get exactly the personalized attention you deserve.  Everyone gathers around the pen and is involved in each session, including auditors, but we focus on one horse and human relationship at a time.  These intensives are more than just riding clinics, they are about self-awareness, relationship and bettering your horse's life...and yours!

Alex has had small groups of 2-3 people book intensives, or more typical groups of 8+ riders.  These intensives can be personalized to your needs and can be exclusive weekends or public events.

$600/day flat rate for horsemanship intensives within the state of Montana, plus room and board.

$800/day flat rate for clinics outside of Montana, plus meals, accommodations and airfare.  Up to 9 sessions per day (private or semi-private sessions acceptable.  Cost per person varies accordingly).



Private Sessions

Alex is available to travel to your local facility in Northwest Montana (and Cave Creek, AZ during some winter months).  

New client evaluations (1-2 hours): $100 flat rate.  Includes a detailed follow up e-mail or a 20 minute phone call to discuss future plans

Existing client session: $60 per hour.  Mileage fees may apply depending on location ($2/mile one way).  

Puppy private (12 weeks old and under): $45/hour

Upcoming class! Dog Lifestyle Course

Saturday mornings beginning February 4 in Eureka, MT.  Puppies, small dogs and adults will be split with enough interest.  $75 for 6 weeks. Contact Alex to sign up.

Vacation boarding

Bring Alex your pup while you are on vacation for some socialization, fun and structure!  $20/day

Aggressive Dog Evaluations

$80/hour at your home.

Temperament Testing & Finding the Perfect Match!

Alex is available to travel with you to evaluate litters, dogs at shelters, etc and ensure you end up with your dream best friend.  Contact Alex with what you have in mind.

Camp Alex

5 days with Alex's pack, lifestyle training (no major aggressive or anxiety issues involved, includes socialization, recall, basic manners and lots of exposure and adventures to build the foundation to a dog that can go anywhere with you!): $400

10 days with Alex's pack, behavioral health work (after evaluation at your home and treatment plan established, includes anxiety, minor aggression, etc, along with lifestyle training activities): $1200

Off-leash training program (5 days with Alex's pack, price includes e-collar to take home and 2 instructional lessons on how to use it): $600

Alex also offers customized aggressive dog rehab packages, but these must be discussed after an evaluation of the dog.  Price varies depending on the issue and the dog's requirements.  If the dog has a bite history, plan on a minimum of 3 weeks with Alex and a minimum of $2000.

Owner Surrender for Behavioral Health Issues

Sometimes, dogs just are not the right fit, or have too severe a mental health issue for their current situation.  Alex offers a variety of services in this instance. If you think that your dog may fit the bill, the first step is a one hour evaluation at your home for Alex to get to know the situation for those who do not want to surrender to a shelter, rescue or euthanize without giving the dog the best chance at a new life.  If the dog is a candidate for surrender to Alex, expect a $500+ surrender fee, depending on Alex's evaluation of the amount of rehabilitation the dog will need and chances of successful placement.  


Wellness Sessions

This service has developed because so many of Alex's horsemanship clients have taken to calling her their Life Coach rather than their Horse Trainer and ask to meet with Alex separately from their horses to discuss their personal growth and the things that are brought to the surface through their horsemanship.  Topics can include personal, professional and relationship goals and experiences, processing and understanding trauma, nutrition and health aspirations, lifestyle renovations and more.  This is not yet an insurance billable service but will be in the future as Alex is pursuing her Masters in Social Work to facilitate this work.

$60 One hour wellness session

$100 Two hour wellness session