Alex's horses work in a variety of disciplines but all share a common foundation of softness, both physically and mentally.  Achieving this willingness involves building the horse’s confidence in both themselves and the person. In cultivating this partnership Alex emphasizes directing a horse’s thought rather than only their body. The horse is asked to take an interest in the situation and in her, working towards a relationship based on engagement instead of obedience.

Horses are worked with in hand, at liberty and under saddle both in and out of an arena as a part of the training process, but the priority is always that the horse is mentally engaged with her, and that they are both physically and emotionally prepared for whatever is being asked of them. Equine bodywork, saddle fit, and health, dental and hoof care may be a necessary part of the training process to allow the horse to reach his or her full potential.

Alex does not aim for a finished product or a fix, but instead to help the horse and owner reach place where they both have the skills and foundation for the owner to continue building their skills themselves. A positive relationship is a lifelong process, and so the training never ends.

With this philosophy, Alex welcomes all breeds, disciplines and experience levels.

Please contact Alex for more information about working together.

*Please note, Alex has accepted a position building an Animal Centered Therapy at a therapeutic boarding school for high school girls in Eureka, MT.  Alex will not be accepting training horses while this program is in its infancy, but still available for instruction and clinics.*

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Horsemanship lessons with Alex focus on building the relationship between the horse and the human. Alex works to help the person understand the experience from the horse's perspective, so they can better support the horse to be successful. Being able to read the horse is important to being able to direct their thoughts, and ultimately building the engagement that quality performance and thoughtful partnership requires.

Alex also instructs on technical skills, such as position, a proper seat, body and energy control, and correct use of the aids, both under saddle and from the ground. These technical skills are essential to communicating with the horse, and are fundamental to horsemanship, regardless of discipline. 

Private lessons are offered at each facility Alex teaches from, and she is available to travel to your facility for clinics.  All owners with horses in training are asked to participate in regular lessons to develop their skills as their horses progress.

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