Dogs: A Lifestyle Approach


In addition to her equine work, Alex has a lifetime of canine knowledge to offer.  Years of work rehabilitating rescued dogs offer her a wide range of experiences, from some of the most challenging dogs.  While working with dogs has been a passion project for years, with most of the focus going to volunteering her time and energy to dogs in need, the demand for "dogmanship" work has grown in her horsemanship clinics, to the point where many times people just walk into the round pen with their dog instead of their horse, hoping to redirect the lesson!  Thus, it is time to make it official!

Alex's goals when working with dogs are the same as when working with a horse (or a human).  She hopes to build a relationship and help the dog to feel emotionally and physically balanced and good about life.  Alex's approach with dogs will be very familiar to her horsemanship clients, though some of the work is different with the understanding that a dog has different motivations as a predatory animal than a horse does as a prey animal.  Just as with her horsemanship, Alex does not use one particular method of dog training, but looks more at the big picture of the dog's lived experience, and that of their human companion, and adjusts her approach as needed.  Alex involves exercise, lifestyle and diet discussions to her canine work, as well as utilizing her extensive behavioral knowledge of how a dog thinks and operates within a pack to produce clear forms of communication to convey expectations to the dogs and their human companions.

Alex is able to take dogs in for training to "Camp Alex" on a limited basis, offer evaluations in the home in the Flathead and Lincoln County areas, and offer private lessons, off-leash training programs and temperament testing and vacation boarding.  Puppy classes for the Eureka, MT area are in the works, so please check back regularly.  As with horses, Alex specializes more in behavioral health issues, such as foundation work, aggression, anxiety and partnership issues rather than a specific sport.  Her goal is to help you and your dog live as companions in a way that allows you to do as much as possible together!  If you already know Alex, you know that she always has her dogs with her, no matter what the setting.  So building a lifestyle approach to dog training is very important to her work, hoping to produce confident, engaged dogs that are ready to take on the world with you!  Alex always welcomes the addition of some canine work to her horsemanship clinics, so do not hesitate to ask!  

Upcoming class! Dog Lifestyle Course

Saturday mornings beginning February 11 in Eureka, MT.  Puppies under 8 months and small dogs at 9am.  Adults over 9 months at 10:15am.  Socialization and lifestyle focus.  $75 for 6 weeks. Contact Alex to sign up.