Last night we went with my nephew and his parents to the Kalispell fair and rodeo. I'm hoping for instant horse love, but I think the tractors won for coolness in his book. 

I noticed while we watched the drill team line up with flags at the beginning of the rodeo that the two quietest horses, who appeared neither shut down now freaked out (some were downright losing it) were ridden by the only two riders who reached down and pet their horses when they came to a halt in the line up. I doubt this was a coincidence. 

I also noted that the horses in the best physical condition were the bucking stock, they had the best muscle and the least lameness and posture issues. Obviously, these horses are also ridden the least. 

I'll be at the Lincoln County fair next Friday and Saturday in Eureka judging the 4H Horse Show and the Open Show. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area, my high school students will be volunteering as well and we look forward to a fun couple days.