Empathy & Paralysis

We spend a lot of time at my clinics discussing empathy, and the ability to understand that the horse (or any other being) has an experience that is different from your/our experience. However, often once eyes are open and people begin to see all that the horse is trying to say with their behavior, a sense of helplessness evolves because it is so overwhelming to see what has been missed for so long. Empathy goes from a good thing, to a paralyzing one, or as this article calls it, "the empathy trap". I think this is a really interesting not-horsey, but entirely horsey, article on the subject of developing the balance of empathy and self-care. Only when empathy can be felt, processed and then responded to, rather than overtaking us, can it be a skill of empowerment and not paralysis. http://www.mindful.org/how-to-avoid-the-empathy-trap/#