I think you could insert "horses" for "coding" here (link to Ted Talk below) and the impact would be the same. If there is one consistent challenge I've witnessed in my client base, which is largely women, it is the worry of doing the wrong thing. I will say "try something" and more often than not, a woman who hasn't worked with me for very long will stop, disengage from their horse, and look at me helplessly. Reactions are all different, some get mad at me, some cry, some just freeze...but consistently, they say they would rather I just tell them what to do so that they can do it...correctly. What I've learned from my own engagement with perfectionism is that if it doesn't come from inside of me (or you), a horse, dog, human..whomever...won't find it nearly as compelling. Trying to perfectly copy someone else is the least compelling communication there is.

In so many ways, I am the perfect example of a Type A perfectionist, born and socialized by the world to be perfect, not brave. But LUCKILY, I love horses. And there was no way to be perfect with I had to be brave. Most people see my fancy website and forget the other stuff..... Try a lot, fail a lot, start a business during a recession at 21 so I could create a space to make these mistakes, lose clients, friends and money...and yah, literally hit the ground and get hurt. But that's how I know, it is way better to be brave than perfect, because I can't imagine any other life that could have taught me so much.