Moving Forward

The barn is empty and my horses are settling into our beautiful Whitehall property very well. A brief update as to my plans for the future, which are still very much evolving. I will be taking the winter to breathe, write and reflect on this amazing chapter of my life and 3R. I'm looking forward to rejuvenating my mind and soul after going pretty much non stop since I wrote the 3R business plan back in 2008! I hope to produce a lot of blogs along the way. My husband has accepted an amazing new position and I will be helping him move up north to Eureka, MT later this month. Then I will be traveling for the rest of the winter, some on personal adventures and some to teach. I plan to be in and out of Whitehall and in Arizona periodically from January to March and will publish my teaching availability on my schedule page once I have it nailed down, so I will be able to catch up with everyone interested in AZ and in southwest, MT and stop at your place for sessions. Come 2016 I will be focusing on teaching with limited ability to take training horses. I'm really excited about this shift in focus because I have really become interested in focusing on relationship and what is behind the surface between us humans and horses and it feels appropriate to focus on teaching and cultivating your relationships rather than my relationship...with your horse! I'll write another blog on this soon! Speaking of human relationships, I'm not sure yet if my home base for 2016 will be Whitehall, MT on our property there or up north where my husband is headed. The deciding factor will be where I am able to find an internship for the Masters in Social Work program I am working on right now. I will be shopping internships for the winter and this will make my decision for me as the availability for clinical social work internships is limited in this state...we need more graduate level mental health care providers in Montana so desperately! However, either way I will be available for clinics and teaching (and the occasional training horse) because my internship will only involve two days a week work, which will leave me available to travel as I did this year! Thanks again for an amazing time at the 3R barn on the Buffalo Jump Rd all these years. I can't express my gratitude enough...and I am looking forward to the future with all of you!